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If you are stopping by Healthy Cupboards, that means you are looking for a change. Not just temporary weight loss, but real health. Real change.

My Story

My name is Jesica Helgren. I spent years just muddling through the day-to-day with no energy, no real zest for life, and always feeling like I just wasn’t at peak performance. Over the last year, I watched my husband change his eating habits to incorporate only real foods (cutting out the processed junk), limit his sugar intake, and really make lasting changes.

As he dropped pound after pound (he has lost over 100lbs to date!) I realized that what he was doing was not only helping him to lose extra weight, but he was becoming more energetic, his skin looked better, and he just was overall in better health. Even though I’ve never had a huge issue with weight, I knew that changing my family’s eating habits was key to better living for all of us.

Not only was my husband making healthy changes, I began to worry about my own health. After a visit to my doctor where I had my cholesterol levels tested and found them to be a bit too high, I decided it was time for me to make changes as well.

One year later and I feel transformed. I am more energetic, I sleep better, and just have an overall better zest for life. I’ve changed our entire family’s eating habits, and while we still indulge in an occasional treat, the key is moderation. And the best part, I talked to my doctor and he confirmed that lowering the sugar in our diet is a key way to not only lower my cholesterol (which it has!), but also live a healthier life.

The best part — I talked to my doctor and he confirmed that lowering the sugar in our diet is a key way to not only lower my cholesterol (which it has!), but also live a healthier life.

What I Believe is Key to Eating For Health

I believe in eating Organic, GMO-free foods, sourcing foods as locally as possible, limiting carbs as much as possible (some are okay but as in all things – moderation), and limiting any processed sugars (hence the limitation on carbs like pasta, etc.).

I also believe that fats are not the enemy as we have so often been led to believe. Dietary fats are essential to give your body energy and support cell growth. If you don’t eat any fats, where will your body get them from? Low fat this and ‘diet’ that is doing nothing to improve your health – eat real foods, even fatty foods, and you will have no cause for concern.

I’ve been reading and doing lots of research on good fats, fats that you WANT to include in your diet, and I have tons of recommendations on books to read, recipes I can share, and more information on choosing foods that make for an overall healthy lifestyle. Be sure to subscribe to my email list to stay up to date on great recipes, tips in the kitchen, and how to choose the best foods for you!

Choose YOU!

I’ve learned so much about toxins in our food, about eating locally, about choosing foods that are low in sugar, and how to easily make the changes so the whole family can be on board. I’m ready to share all this great knowledge with you! I’ve done the research, you can just sit back and reap the benefits of all the work I’ve already put in!

Not only do I believe that changing your eating habits can help you achieve a better lifestyle, but it can also be easy! I’m here to help show you how so follow along, join our community, and choose YOU!


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